Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Four Verbs and Eighteen Pronouns

...that's what I've been working on for the past week. Well, that, and the adressive suffixes (they tell who you're spreaking to). I've learned to be, to make, to do, and to...gah, I know them better in Iklecan! Hakam, thazal, siraq, and tekas--ah! To know! There we go. I also know subjective pronouns* and objective pronouns**, as well as the aforememntioned adressive suffixes***. Oh, and negation: conjugate the verb safi, but only subjective suffixes go on that verb. anything else goes on the other verb.

I don't know (it)! Safaja tekasajuril!

I -aja
You s. -'am
He -ar
She -as
S/he -aras
It -ajur
We -af
You pl. -allu
They -alur

I -maja
You s. -m'am
He -mar
She -mas
S/he -maras
It -majur
We -maf
You pl. -mallu
They -malur

Use i as an insulator vowel if an unpronounceable consonant cluster appears.

Female -is
Male -ir
Ulasakar -iza
Selkiyal -ina
To be respected -il

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